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Alikia Reaves

Founder & Producer

Whether it be true or created, I love a good story! And I believe that everyone has a story and that there’s a story behind everything. I want to create and tell these stories.

Alikia is a freelance video producer and filmmaker from Baltimore, Maryland. She has been producing video over 7 years.  

Alikia earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Morgan State University. She has worked in the Information Technology field as a Software Engineer for more than 20 years. In 2013, she decided it was time to fully pursue her passions for video production and filmmaking. Alikia established Shining Starlet Entertainment, LLC as a production company known for it’s diversity in filmmaking and for helping businesses, brands and creatives visually tell their brand stories effectively.

Alikia has produced projects such as, short films, fitness videos, web commercials, online promos, and event highlights and much more. You will enjoy working with Alikia as she is passionate about the creative process and cares deeply about the success of each of her clients. Being both creative and technical gives her the ability to approach projects with an open mind and realistic expectations. 

In her free time, Alikia enjoys watching Netflix, reading, working out, playing tennis and scoping out the next delicious brunch spot.

Nickname: Lik (pronounced "Leek") and Lik Lik
Favorite Gadgets: iAnything (lol)
Favorite Social Media: Instagram and Facebook

How We Work

Of course, our initial consultation is complementary!

  • First, we meet with you to get your ideas and budget for the video project.

  • Then, we help you shape your ideas into a clear vision for the video production.

  • A project quote will be delivered to make sure the budget and services are clear.

  • We coordinate the different aspects of the planning, filming, editing, delivery, etc.

  • We bring the necessary video production equipment to shoot your project.

  • With creativity, we edit your project with your vision in mind.

  • During the entire process, we stay in constant communication with you to ensure the video production is moving in the right direction.

  • We then present you with a first draft of the production for further edits or approval.

  • Finally, once the production has been approved, we deliver your video production in the format of your choice.

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Core Values

We value our relationships with our customers and partners. Therefore, we always employ our core values when working on all video projects. We love the collaborative process and the creativeness it brings to every video production. We look forward to working with you soon!

  • Be kind, creative, motivating and inspiring.

  • Be passionate about the creative process.

  • Build solid relationships.

  • Practice open collaborative communication.

  • Build and celebrate a positive and happy team dynamic.

  • Perform beyond expectations.

  • Deliver strong stories and messages.

  • Practice environmental conservancy.

  • Listen, learn and grow.

Calling All Freelancers!

We always love working with creative video/film professionals.  If you are a talented freelance video/film professional, please join our partners database. Depending on the project, we may need you to help with pre-production, on set or with post-production. Please fill out the form completely and we will contact you with any upcoming video production opportunities.  Thank You!