What is Video Production?

In its simplest form, video production is the creative process of writing a script, shooting the script, and editing the shot footage into a final product. Yes, it’s basically the same as filmmaking, but usually on a smaller scale. Each of these phases of production contains a lot of details, but the basics of writing, shooting and editing are the core of video production.


Video production for your business…concept to completion.

When it comes to utilizing video production for your business, it means coming up with a concept for your video and creating and executing a plan to get the concept across to your audience. Your production team will help you with concept development, writing the script, figuring out a great location, shooting your concept using all needed equipment, and editing your footage (where the magic happens!). A full service production team may go a step further had give you resources on how to promote your new video. 

Now that you have a basic idea of what video production really is and what it potentially takes to create a video for you business, I’d love to hear from you!  Videos are the best way to tell your story, make audiences aware of your products, show them how to do something and make an overall general impact. If you have ideas on the type of videos you want to produce or you need some guidance or advice on where to start, you can book a free consultation to chat with me. I’m here to help!

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