I've been busy helping businesses SHINE!

It warms my heart when what I have created for my clients truly helps them and adds value to their businesses and passions. I continue to produce video with such amazing women who believe deeply in their missions to help others achieve, as I do. They are getting great feedback on their videos so far. They are posting their videos on their websites, Facebook  pages and YouTube channels and getting visibility. Please take some time to view each video and check out each service. Hey, you may say to yourself, "I want a video like that one."  If so, I'm ready to chat with you!

Talk to you soon!


SMR Counseling Services

This video highlights the new office space for SMR Counseling Services. My client, Dr. Shauna Moore Reynolds has reported that so far the video has gotten 53 views on YouTube and 567 engagements on Facebook. The video was also featured on Praise 104.1 FM's Facebook page and shown at their Annual Prayer Breakfast. Awesome results! 


Melton Digital

My client Nicole Marie Melton is truly in the business of helping women achieve their dreams online as well as trying to continue to grow her own business. She is currently in an online business accelerator program where she has the chance to win funding for her business. The pitch video below along with other documentation has landed her as a FINALIST in the competition. Yay! I am so rooting for her! 


Above Elegant Affairs

Event planning and child entertainment lounge are how April Hargrave-Reid helps her clients. Not only does she provide planning for many types of events, she also offers a service for parents to get some "me time" and kids to have a "good time". This promotional video for her business is doing well so far on Facebook with 630 engagements. This includes, view, shares and likes combined.